Salmón Salvaje de Alaska Ahumado

1. Surprising taste and texture, combines personality and delicacy. 2. Natural: no additives, preservatives, colorants or flavour enhancers. 3. Healthy: low-fat content, rich in Omega 3. 4. Sustainable fishing in small communities – Marine Stewardship Council certification 5. Handcrafted production: – Hand-filleted. The fillet is completely trimmed leaving only the best meat. – Dry salting versus injection salting. – Low-temperature traditional smoking technique. 6. Formats: pre-cut fillet, non-pre-cut fillet, 200 gram and 100-gram pre-cut sachets. Gift boxes. 7. Wild Alaska salmon versus farmed salmon produced in Norway or Chile (with feed, antibiotic and dye). PDF Salmón Salvaje Ahumado